Saturday, February 9, 2008

Just Because Day

In case you have not figured it out, we like our kids, we think they are pretty great. We never, ever, ever buy them toys. Not because we don't like toys; actually, it's quite the opposite, we love their toys because they give us great excuses to play. We don't buy them toys because they have so many incredible people in their lives that like to buy things for them, that we don't need to buy them toys. Their grandparents and aunts and uncles keep them well stocked, and we feel incredibly blessed by their constant generosity. All that said...Dan and I have desperately been wanting to get Gabe some new toys.

He is the most thankful, excited, happy kid ever, and when he gets a toy he likes, he is exceedingly excited and plays with it for months without end. Mckenna is not that into toys, but she likes Transformers also and plays with them with Gabe, very well. Grandma Gail came for a visit and bought him a small Optimus Prime toy--a Transformer, but it does not transform--and he loves it. He has one other one, a Blackout, that does transform. Dan got some money for finishing school and he chose to spend some of it on toys. Gabe and Kenna each got some Transformers.

Want to know what Jules got? Well, she only cares to play with whatever her siblings are playing with--she never wants her own toys. Other than their toys, she likes to play with the dog, but he only has one ball and it's always getting lost. So...we gave her doggie toys! Nope, no joke, and she was thrilled. See, you gotta think outside the box.

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