Thursday, September 27, 2007

Tired, I am tired

You all know Mckenna and Dan have been back in school for over a month now. (Mckenna just got an attendance award for the perfect attendance the first month of school!!) That means all those normal school things...meetings, papers, homework, driving back and forth, etc.

But, it also means I am employed again as an essay grader for LA Baptist High School. And I just received my first set of 150. And, they are written by Juniors on "The Great Gatsby." And, it is for my favorite teacher there, who also happens to be the hardest one to grade for because he is tough on the students and on how the essays are graded. Did I mention that "The Great Gatsby" is not my favorite book?

Last night I thought I would have 2 whole hours to sit in a library and grade while the kids were at AWANA and Jules was home with Daddy. When I checked Kenna in I found out it was parent night and I was supposed to stay....the whole time. I did. That's 30 essays that did not get graded. Today I had two hours as well--and twelve baskets of laundry to fold and put away. Guess what won? That's 30 more essays that did not get graded.

When people go to work (or school) it is clear that they cannot be bothered for other things. They are there to learn and work. When I sit down at the table to grade essays, there are no boundaries. No matter what preventative actions I take to get uninterupted time, I get interupted multiple times. I love this job. I love writing and grading essays (I know, and you thought I was only a math nerd! Turns out, I am an English nerd too!). I love that I can earn some money and stay home with my kids. It's awesome! I am tired though, because I end up grading from 9:00-11:30 at night. That is when there is some quiet time for me to concentrate.

So, if I blog in the next week, forgive me if it is a little disconnected. I have Gatsby on the brain, and I am lacking in proper rest.

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